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I’ve Seen A Lot Of ‘Before And After’ Stories. But This One Left Me Speechless With Goosebumps.

I’ve Seen A Lot Of ‘Before And After’ Stories. But This One Left Me Speechless With Goosebumps.

Jordan Grahm wasn’t always a personal trainer, focused on bettering his own life and the lives of others. No, he started as an overweight, unhealthy individual that was plagued by depression. It took him a decade, but he finally realized what was important in life: his own health. His transformation is one of the most inspirational you will ever see, just listen to his story:

My whole life I was overweight.

Growing up it was hard being the big kid.

In 9th grade I started playing football, weighing in at 290lbs +standing 5’9” at only 13 years old.

The coaches wanted me to keep getting bigger, stronger, and faster so I ate a lot and trained hard.

My mom always motivated me and wanted me to get in better shape so that I could enjoy my life more.

3 weeks before my 15th birthday tragedy struck when my mom suddenly passed away.

My motivation to train and to get in better shape dropped off completely.

Food was my outlet to help cope with the depression due to my mom’s death. I was also addicted to drugs which I used to try to numb my feelings and escape reality.

I was eating myself to death, and I did not care about my future at all. By the end of my senior year in high school I was already close to 400lbs.

I graduated high school and stopped looking at the scale. I didn’t plan for my future because I didn’t care.

Time went on, I worked a sedentary job and continued to gain weight.

By late 2007 I was over 400lbs wearing 4XL shirts and size 48 pants, depression still had a powerful grip on me.

March 30th 2008 at 3am I was in a car collision that could have killed me.

My airbag was just reconnected a couple hours before the crash and saved my life.

I think my mom was looking out for me.

In the accident I suffered a separated shoulder and broken wrist among other injuries. It took 5 guys to lift me up on the stretcher. The next day when I went for an MRI I barely fit in to the machine, they were going to send me to a special, bigger one.

That day I decided that I had enough. I decided to change the way I lived, change how I ate and start exercising.

I started walking my dog 1 mile a day on a hill, it would take me almost an hour to complete the mile. Slowly but surely, we got faster and upped it to 2 miles, my dog was always pushing me to up the pace and the distance.

My dog Blackberry helped to save my life

One day we walked the hill 10 times totaling 10 miles. Just to show myself that it was possible.

I started jogging some of the hill, this turned into running 4 miles on it 6 days a week.

In 2009 after losing over 100lbs on my hill and local trails and roads, I joined a gym. I was in pretty bad shape strength and mobility wise and could barely bench press the 45lbs bar due to my shoulder injury.

I didn’t let anything stop me, I kept working hard and training in the gym and running and hiking with Blackberry. I went back to school and studied nutrition as well as taking boxing classes.

I went back to school and studied nutrition as well as taking boxing classes. I was finally getting happy.

I got certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Fast-forward 2 years later I had completely transformed, losing 200lbs and bringing up my strength and fitness tremendously.

I worked my way up to be able to squat 405lbs, deadlift 500lbs, and bench press 275lbs.

In 2011 and 2012 I did Spartan obstacle Races with my girlfriend.

It’s something I never would’ve dreamed of when I was 400lbs.

Now I train hard and enjoy life, helping others reach their goals. I have been able to reach people all over the world and feel so lucky to help them change their lives.

I am so proud of my clients both in-person ones and online. I know how it feels to be in the worst shape both physically and mentally. I know how it feels to pull yourself up out of that deep hole. I know my mother is proud of me. If you want it badly enough, you can achieve anything. Never give up hope! Now, Jordan needs surgery to get rid of his excess skin and help him keep improving his life of helping others. Support his tremendous transformation by visiting his IndieGoGo.com campaign here. We’re not sure if we have ever seen a more inspirational man. To learn more about Jordan, visit his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube channel.

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This Is What Berries Actually Look Like

This Is What Berries Actually Look Like

Avocados, pumpkins, watermelons: all berries.

1. Hello. Do you know what a berry is?

3. Because I bet you think these are berries.

Blueenayim / Getty Images

4. And I bet you tell people you had berries with your breakfast when you eat these.

Mariabrzostowska / Getty Images

5. And I bet you call collecting these “berry picking”.

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

6. Well hey, guess what?

7. You’ve been lying. A berry is actually a fleshy fruit that contains one just ovary and derives from a single flower.

So because strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries come from single flowers containing more than one ovary, they’re aggregate fruits.

8. Avocados, on the other hand, are legit berries. When you mash one up to make guacamole, you could say, “Just mashing berries over here, don’t mind me.”

Tashka2000 / Getty Images

9. If you were this man you could say, “I grin when I bite into my berries.”

Lofilolo / Getty Images

10. And if you saw these grapes, you could shout “Hanging berries!” and you would not be lying.

Purestock / Getty Images

11. ~SpOoKy BeRrIeS~

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

12. јυïÑÿ вεɾɾïεṡ

Moodboard / Getty Images

13. sÇıɹɹÇq pÇɔıןs

Camelot1671 / Getty Images

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How Much Do You Love Potatoes?

How Much Do You Love Potatoes?

What kinda spud U like?

Eelnosiva / Getty Images
  1. Tick the potato dishes you’ve tried to see if your commitment to the spud is true.
    1. 1 Chips.
    2. 2 Peeled and boiled white potatoes.
    3. 3 New potatoes.
    4. 4 Creamy mash.
    5. 5 Chunky, skin-on mash.
    6. 6 Baked potato.
    7. 7 Dauphinoise potatoes.
    8. 8 Boulangère potatoes.
    9. 9 Fondant potatoes.
    10. 10 Sautéed potatoes.
    11. 11 Spiralised potato noodles.
    12. 12 Crispy straw potatoes.
    13. 13 Crisps.
    14. 14 Crushed potatoes.
    15. 15 Skin-on boiled potatoes.
    16. 16 Roast potatoes.
    17. 17 Potato gnocchi.
    18. 18 Crushed new potatoes.
    19. 19 Sweet potatoes.
    20. 20 Potato wedges.
    21. 21 Potato salad.
    22. 22 Stuffed potato skins.
    23. 23 Leek and potato soup.
    24. 24 Irish potato farls.
    25. 25 Hash browns.
    26. 26 Potato waffles.
    27. 27 Potato croquettes.
    28. 28 Potato smiley faces.
    29. 29 Potato scones.
    30. 30 Spanish tortilla with potato.
    31. 31 Potato gratin.
    32. 32 Bombay aloo.
    33. 33 Aloo gobi.
    34. 34 Neeps and tatties.
    35. 35 Potato rosti.
    36. 36 Bubble and squeak.
    37. 37 Cheese and potato pie.
    38. 38 Hasselback potatoes.
    39. 39 Champ.
    40. 40 Colcannon.
    41. 41 Shoestring potatoes.
    42. 42 French fries.
    43. 43 Russian salad.
    44. 44 Potato boxty.
    45. 45 Patatas bravas.
    46. 46 Potato latkes.
    47. 47 Tartiflette

How Much Do You Love Potatoes?

  1. Oh hi, Gwyneth Paltrow! You wouldn’t knock the humble spud of course, and you’ve plenty of time for the odd chip here, and the occasional gratin there, but there’s far more to your exotic diet than a load of carbs.

  2. Mmmm potatoes, you’ve got to love them right? You love the classics – never a week goes by where there won’t be a bit of mash or a jacket or two on your menu, because why mess with a good thing? Doesn’t mean you won’t be seeking out more kinds of spud soon though…

  3. All hail the king or queen of the potato! Is there any kind you’ve not tried? You’d have spuds for breakfast lunch or dinner if you could get away with it – in fact sometimes, you do!


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10 Things You Do Every Day That Are Damaging To Your Body.

10 Things You Do Every Day That Are Damaging To Your Body.

Most people don’t try to do anything that’s bad for their health. But sometimes, you go about your day, not really thinking about anything and then BAM! You feel a little sick, you fall down, you get a headache, or any other ailment that may plague you. More often than not, you have no idea why your day is suddenly awful. Well, these could be one of the reasons why you are actually living a rather unhealthy life without even knowing it.

1.) Look at this guy, using his computer. It’s awesome, right? Wrong! Using a computer can be damaging to your health. The screen brightness can cause eye strain and headaches. Some computers also contain toxins that cause neurological damage as well.

2.) Nothing can be wrong with blow drying my hair though, am I wrong? Yes you are! Heat causes the hydrogen bonds in your hair to deteriorate which makes your hair susceptible to falling out.

3.) Biting a pencil is safe though, please tell me it’s safe. It’s not. Biting pencils and pens can damage your teeth or shift the positioning of them.

4.) I can go out without putting on sunscreen and I’ll be fine. Wow. You are just silly. Not only does sunblock protect you from harmful UV rays that cause skin damage, it helps your skin looking young and we all want that, right?

5.) Showering every day isn’t wrong. Actually it is, you nonbeliever. Showering every day with hot water and a scrubbing apparatus wears away your skin’s lipids which help keep your skin’s moisture.

6.) I heard jogging is healthy, please don’t make me feel stupid about that one. Sorry, I have to. Jogging increases your risk of arthritis, especially in your knees where most of the damage is felt.

7.) I can eat lemons, there is nothing wrong with that. You couldn’t be more wrong. The acidity in lemons actually erodes your teeth’s enamel, which is essential to a healthy mouth.

8.) I can enjoy popcorn when I see a movie though, right? I wouldn’t if I were you! Popcorn can get stuck in your teeth and cause infections. Also, biting down on a kernel can crack your teeth if you susceptible to that kind of damage.

9.) There’s nothing wrong with sitting in your office though, right? Nay! Your risk of heart disease increases 64% if you sit at your desk for 6+ hours a day.

10.) Wearing socks in bed couldn’t possibly be wrong. I think it is YOU who couldn’t be more wrong. Wearing socks in bed prevents the gaseous exchange of your body’s cells which not only damages your skin cells, but your brain cells as well.

These 10 perfectly normal activities are completely ruining your life… and you had no idea. Adjust your lifestyle so you can live the healthiest life possible (even if that means not wearing socks in bed). Share this post with your friends to alert them of their unhealthy ways.

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These 21 Bento Box-Inspired Meals Are Almost Too Cute To Eat. I Want Them All.

These 21 Bento Box-Inspired Meals Are Almost Too Cute To Eat. I Want Them All.

We know we’re not supposed to play with our food, but how can we resist when it’s this cute?? The Japanese art of aesthetically pleasing meals, usually packed in an equally charming bento box, has spread across the globe and created pretty much the most delightful food trend ever. Now, you don’t have to travel the world to see this adorable food.

The adorable edibles can take the form of little animals, cartoon-y faces or pop culture icons. Take a look and ask yourself, would you be able to take a bite?

1.) Kitten Soup

2.) “Chewie” Noodles

3.) Silly Pasta Faces

4.) Sleepy Cat Eggs

5.) Biscuit Bunnies

6.) Bento Bunny

7.) Polar Bear Hot Pot

8.) Elephant Garden

9.) Rice Curry Spa

10.) Sleepy Rice Bear

11.) Ginger-less Bread Man

12.) Devil Egg

13.) Halloween Box

14.) Spider Web Rice

15.) Spooky Cat Sandwiches

16.) Hello Kitty

17.) Panda Curry

18.) Polar Bear Curry

19.) Christmas Box

20.) Sleepy Snoopy Curry

21.) Spa Day Box

(H/T: Bored Panda.)

I think I just found my new diet: only eat food that is this adorable.

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This Is How One Of The Fittest People On Earth Trains And Eats

This Is How One Of The Fittest People On Earth Trains And Eats

Plummeting toward the water from six stories high while flipping, twisting, and turning? NBD for Rachelle “Rocco” Simpson.

1. This is Rachelle “Rocco” Simpson.

Romina Amato / Via Red Bull Content Pool

2. In 2014 she became the first woman to win the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, the world’s only professional cliff diving competition.

Balazs Gardi / Via Red Bull Content Pool

The World Series is now in its seventh season, taking place over several months at diving spots all over the world. Last year was the first year women were allowed to compete.

3. To understand how she does this:

Dean Treml / Via Red Bull Content Pool

4. And these:

Balazs Gardi

Romina Amato

5. You have to first understand a little bit about the sport.

Romina Amato / Red Bull Content Pool

6. In professional cliff diving competition, the platform is 65 feet high for women and 90 feet high for men.

Dean Treml / Via redbullcliffdiving.com

That’s about six stories high, or more.

7. And it’s wedged into a cliff or attached to a bridge or building or other pre-existing structure.

Romina Amato / Via Red Bull Content Pool

8. These heights are two to three times greater than the highest platform in Olympic diving, which is 32 feet high.

Dean Treml / Via Red Bull Content Pool

9. Competitors dive three times in a row. Each attempt is evaluated based on the take-off, number of somersaults and twists, positioning, and water entry.

Dean Treml / Via Red Bull Content Pool

10. The higher platform allows divers to execute two to three more flips per dive than traditional Olympic-height platforms.

(Like this dive, a Front Two Somersaults 1 ½ Twist Free.)

11. But those dizzying heights also mean you can’t hit the water head-first (called “going to your head”), because the impact could cause a concussion, shoulder dislocation, etc.

Instead, you aim for a feet-first impact (which feels like you’re slamming into concrete the first couple times you do it, Simpson tells BuzzFeed Life).

12. And yes, that is really scary. Even for competitive cliff divers.

Dean Treml / Via Red Bull Content Pool

Even though Simpson has had years of gymnastics training, dove competitively in high school, and performed in numerous trick shows at Sea World and elsewhere, cliff diving competitions still freak her out. “I’m terrified every time,” she says. “It’s all about that height. If you have a bad landing, you’re done for the day, or sometimes a month.”

This is probably what’s going through the minds of divers as they make their way up to the platform. In some places on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series tour, there’s ample time to contemplate the six-story leap you’re about to make. In Texas, Simpson says, “you have a 10-minute hike to the top and then in Norway, you have to climb these ladders.” Once you reach the platform, you have another five or so minutes waiting for the person ahead of you to jump.

13. So how the hell does someone do this safely? Or at all?

Romina Amato / Via Red Bull Content Pool

According to Simpson, you need a lot of strength, flexibility, and practice. “If you hit the water and your legs can’t stay together, you can tear muscles,” she says. “You can pull a groin muscle, dislocate a shoulder or tear it.” Plus, you need to be seriously mentally tough.

Here’s what goes into her training.

14. To get as strong and conditioned as she needs to be, Simpson works out for about 25 hours per week.

Rachelle Simpson

A recent workout looked like this:

A. Full-body HIIT (3 rounds: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest):
Goblet squats, mountain climbers, single-arm dumbbell swings, T-pushups with dumbbells, split jumps, dumbbell rows, dumbbell side lunges, dumbbell pushup rows, dumbbell lunge and rotation, and dumbbell push press

B. Strength work
Clean and press: 3 sets of 10
Deadlift: 3 sets of 10

C. 45-minute run

She does a workout like this four to five times a week.

15. On top of her near-daily gym routine, she also does hot yoga and diving practice two to four times a week.

Rachelle Simpson

16. To get mentally tough, Simpson prepares for her time on the platform with lots of visualization.

Dean Treml / Via Red Bull Content Pool

This means that when she’s on the platform, all she has to do is dive. “I visualize every day doing dives from that high. Once I’m on the platform I can’t overthink it.” She says that some competitors stand on the edge thinking. Not her: “I count to three, take a deep breath, and go, or I’m not going to go. You know what you’re doing, your body knows what you’re doing and you need to trust yourself.”

And there also meditation, lots of it. Simpson says her practice is “Nothing big, nothing deep… I sit, find a comfortable spot, breathe in breathe out, think of a word. If something comes into your head, acknowledge it, let it go.”

17. On top of all that physical and mental training, Simpson is careful and passionate about how she eats.

“I’m a huge believer in whole foods,” she says. “I don’t eat anything if I can’t pronounce it… And my husband is vegan so half the time I eat vegan.”

18. Here’s an example of what she might eat in a typical day:

For breakfast, Simpson has a heaping helping of oatmeal, with either some natural protein powder or egg whites, or these Belgian waffles. Pictured here is a bowl with mixed berries, oatmeal, raw cashew butter and a seed blend.

Lunch is a protein shake with Greek yogurt and fruit, and dinner is usually a pile of vegetables and a piece of fish. Simpson says she’ll eat “as many vegetables as I want — a huge salad loaded up with all different colors.”

For snacks, Simpson grabs fruit or hummus and carrots.

19. Here are a few more shots of Simpson doing her thing at the 2014 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series:

Dean Treml / Via Red Bull Content Pool
Dean Treml / Via Red Bull Content Pool
Romina Amato / Via Red Bull Content Pool

22. And check out incredible videos of divers in action here.

You can watch cliff diving IRL starting in April when the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series kicks off in Colombia. But just FYI, at some of the stops on the tour, it’s floating-room only; spectators watch from kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, boats, etc.

23. In conclusion, she rules.

Dean Treml

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19 Surprisingly Delicious Meals You Can Make With Tuyo

19 Surprisingly Delicious Meals You Can Make With Tuyo

When it comes to tuyo — or dried fish from the Philippines — there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like it, and those who’ve yet to taste it.

Matt Ortile / Via BuzzFeed

1. Creamy Tuyo Pesto

Just look at that tuyo chilling in the middle of the pasta. NOMZ. Get the recipe.

2. Spicy Tuyo Puttanesca

Salty and spice and everything nice. Get the recipe.

3. Spicy Tuyo Pasta with Olives, Capers, and Kesong Puti

Yummy magazine / Photography by David Hanson / Recipe development and food styling by Sharlene Tan / Via yummy.ph

You can substitute mozzarella cheese for kesong puti, but who doesn’t like kesong puti, ‘di ba? Get the recipe.

4. Roasted Tuyo and Tomato Linguine

Peachy Adarne of The Peach Kitchen / Via thepeachkitchen.com

Perpek for our vegetarian prends. Get the recipe.

5. Creamy Tuyo and Eggplant Pasta

Eggplant, yum. Creamy pasta, yum. Tuyo, MASARAP! Get the recipe.

6. Tuyo and Calamansi Pasta

Flickr: Iana Peralta / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: upto6only

If you don’t know what to do with the extra calamansi you bought at the palengke, then you should definitely try this one out. Get the recipe.

7. Tuyo Aglio Olio

Let it be known that tuyo + pasta = a match made in heaven. Get the recipe.

8. Spanish Style Tuyo Sardines

Photographer : Raymund Macaalay / Via angsarap.net

For the times when you’re craving for tuyo in the middle of the night and you just need to have it right here, right now. Get the recipe.

9. Tuyo Frittata

This version has potatoes and mushrooms but you could definitely add any vegetable you want. Get the recipe.

10. Seafood Adobo with Tuyo Vinaigrette

Seafood on seafood is always a good idea, tbh. Get the recipe.

11. Pan Oven-grilled Tuyo Pizza

Ditch the pepperoni, you guys. Get the recipe.

12. Tuyo and Onion Baguette Pizza

For all the ~bagets~ out there. Get the recipe.

13. Sinigang na Tuyo with Longganisa

Ihahain na namin ang Sintulong o Sinigang na tuyo with Longganisa. Perfect na pananghalian mamaya! #UnangHirit

— UnangHirit (@Unang Hirit)

Sounds weird on paper but wait ‘til it reaches your tastebuds. Pass the patis, please! Get the recipe.

14. Asian Orzo Breakfast Salad

Feel free to substitute orzo with any kind of pasta you have. Oh, and you could totally cook this with just a microwave! Get the recipe.

15. French Beans and Tuyo Salad

Gourmet? Grabe! Get the recipe.

16. Tuyo Fried Rice

Or if you’re on a no-carb diet, try cauliflower rice, then toss in the tuyo before serving. Get the recipe.

17. Spicy Tuyo Rice with Green Mango Salsa

The mango and the tuyo make for a salty-savory-sweet combo that packs a punch. Get the recipe.

18. Grilled Cheese and Tuyo Sandwich with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Serve this with a side of cassava/potato chips and you have the perfect merienda. Get the recipe.

19. Champorado and Tuyo Amaretto Shots

Akala n’yo there’s no dessert recipe for tuyo, ‘no? Think salted caramel sundae, but more filling with BOOZE. Get the recipe.

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10 Ways Exercise Makes Your Sex Life Better (According To Science)

10 Ways Exercise Makes Your Sex Life Better (According To Science)

Here’s what getting fit has to do with getting busy.

1. Exercise gets your blood flowing. (Everywhere.)

Sebas and Clim / Via vimeo.com

“Your whole sexual response has so much to do with blood flow,” Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, NYC-based sex therapist and author of Wanting to Want, tells BuzzFeed Life. When you’re turned on, your erectile tissue fills with blood (whether your erectile tissue is external, as with the penis, or internal, as with the vagina), so in order to be able to fully experience genital arousal, good circulation is essential. Regular exercise improves circulation and helps keep people healthy and off of medications for conditions like high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, which, Castellanos says, can all mess with blood flow.

2. It can also help with ~genital arousal~ in other ways.

Matt Bellassai / Via buzzfeed.com

Exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). That might not sound too sexy, but research has shown that genital arousal — getting turned on down there — is linked to SNS stimulation. And one study found that women who cycled for just 20 minutes were more aroused as they watched an erotic film than those who watched the movie without exercising beforehand.

In fact, exercise is so effective at getting the ol’ SNS going, it’s thought to even be a “useful prescription” for people taking anti-depressants that lower sex drive.

3. It helps you relax.

“Stress short-circuits sexual arousal,” Castellanos says. And she says that exercise essentially trains your body to deal with daily stressors in a more effective way by allowing it to practice dealing with the physiological effects of the rise in cortisol brought on by exercise — rapid heartbeat, fast and heavy breathing — without the presence of the anxiety or worry, or other psychological components of a stress response.

Chronic stress sets you up for anxiety, depression, and sleep problems, all of which make it tough to feel frisky. But training your body to better deal with life stress can mean more relaxation more often. “So, something that would worry you for hours can worry you for a couple minutes,” she says. That leaves more time and energy and a better mood for getting busy.

4. It can enhance sexual satisfaction by helping improve body image.

XL Recordings / Via youtube.com

Anyone who’s wanted to cut the lights before getting familiar can attest to the fact that there is indeed a link between body image and a satisfying sex life. But in case you want evidence that’s a little more science-y, a 2008 study of about 400 college students concluded that body image issues influenced sexual satisfaction, with higher levels of body-related self-consciousness being linked to “problematic” sexual interactions. In other words, the worse you feel about your body, the less satisfying your sexual experiences. It stands to reason that working out will help you feel more satisfaction down the line, through improving your self-esteem.

“Sexual activity is as much mental as it is physical,” study author Tina M. Penhollow, Ph.D, associate professor of exercise science and health promotion at Florida Atlantic University says. After all, your biggest sex organ is your brain. “A positive perception of self can raise self-esteem and make people feel sexy, confident, and attractive,” she says.

5. In fact, it can make you think you’re hot AF and especially skilled in the bedroom.

A 2004 study (also by Penhollow) found that college students who self-reported above-average fitness levels also self-reported being above average when it came to sexual desirability and sexual performance. In an email to BuzzFeed Life, Penhollow said that being active is a potent aphrodisiac in a number of ways — in part because it can enhance your overall self-esteem and body image.

BTW, the study didn’t measure anyone’s actual fitness levels, it just asked for self reports. This tells us that it’s not necessarily being fit that leads you to think you’re a hot ticket, but rather thinking you are because you’re exercising regularly. Score.

6. Post-workout euphoria can really get you going.

“Physical activity triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers and feel-good hormones, which are connected to the production of sex hormones,” Penhollow says.

To get that sweet, sweet rush of sexy endorphins, it’s thought that a “comfortably challenging” workout is best.

7. It balances the hormones that power your sex drive.

Crash Course / Via youtube.com

Though the relationship between testosterone and sex drive isn’t fully understood, it seems that the combination of testosterone and estrogen work to create sexual desire, says Castellanos. Happily, exercise is known to boost testosterone…which can help power your sex drive.

8. Certain workouts can strengthen the muscles that make orgasms robust.

Sebas and Clim / Via vimeo.com

Your pelvic floor muscles contract when you have an orgasm. Keeping those muscles strong will ensure that you continue to have terrific orgasms. Doing kegels (exercises that target your pelvic floor specifically) pull the sacrum (the structure that supports both the spine and the pelvis) inward. And doing other workout moves, like squats and glute bridges, for instance, will balance that out by strengthening the glutes, which pull the sacrum outward, Castellanos says. Stronger orgasms for everyone!

9. It’s a mood-boosting anti-depressant.

Being super sad and being hot and bothered tend to be mutually exclusive. In fact, one of the hallmarks of depression is a reduced ability to experience pleasure, and this includes sexual pleasure. But exercise seems to offer some relief. A study that treated subjects’ depression with either exercise only, medication only, or a combination of exercise and medication found that participants who received any of these treatments were much less depressed, and that six months later it was subjects in the exercise-only group who were more like to be partially or fully recovered from their depression.

10. It improves stamina, endurance, and strength which means being able to have sex longer and in a variety of positions.

Kamasutra position 63: The Snail.

— BeardedGenius (@Nooruddean)

Sure, it’s great to get in shape so you don’t get winded climbing stairs or carrying groceries. But let’s not forget the health benefits of exercise that allow you to have have sex that’s more athletic, or that lasts longer. “Sex is a physical activity. Therefore, when you have good conditioning, it translates to more endurance in the bedroom,” Castellanos says.

Castellanos adds that resistance training is doubly awesome for sexual satisfaction. It protects against problems with back pain while increasing strength so that you can maintain different sexual positions and experiment with more variety in the bedroom. “It opens up your world,” she says.

“Sexual activity is an entire body experience and so it is important to keep muscles, blood vessels, and nerves performing at peak levels,” Penhollow says in an email. “Participating in any form of exercise that increases heart rate, breathing, and muscle activity can … enhance overall sexual satisfaction.”

What are you waiting for? Go and get swole!

Getty Images/Lightwavemedia Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Thumbnail and social sharing images from Thinkstock.

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16 Crazy Myths That People Believe About Their Own Bodies

The human body is an amazing thing. It can fight off diseases, digest food, and regulate all of your bodily functions automatically.

But there are things that hundreds of people believe about the human body that aren’t true at all. In fact, you might believe in some of these myths as well. Luckily for you, we’re here to debunk them for you today.

1. You can’t lose weight because you have a slow metabolism.

Sure, you may not be naturally thin like those people who can eat french fries and pizza every day without gaining an ounce, but you can still maintain your desired body weight fairly easily. That depends more on your personal goals and actions than any sort of bodily predisposition.

2. Flat feet are prone to injury.

Studies show that people with flat feet are actually less prone to injury. People with normal or high arches are more susceptible to stress fractures and strains.

3. Your metabolism slows down as you get older.

This is true, but it’s not as drastic as you might think. The real culprit here is not your metabolism, but your body’s ability to gain and keep muscle mass. The metabolism does slow down a bit, but not enough to make you gain insane amounts of weight or anything like that. Your body just looks different because you can’t maintain all those massive muscles you had in your twenties.

4. Shaving makes hair grow back thicker and coarser.

This one was technically debunked way back in 1928, but people still believe it. This is actually just an optical illusion. When hair grows back, it looks darker because it’s perpendicular to your skin for a while until it’s long enough to lay flat again. That makes it look coarser and thicker.

5. You continue burning calories after an intense cardio session.

If you are looking to burn calories, I’m sure you’ve heard that the best way to do it is through High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). While it’s true that HIIT will burn more calories after the workout, the amount is so insignificant that you might as well just stick to your regular (and less soul-crushing) cardio routine.

6. Healthy teeth are white.

The natural color of human teeth is yellow. Pearly whites look nice, but they’re actually not natural. In fact, chemical whitening does more harm than good. Bleaching them actually damages enamel.

7. You can’t gain muscle because you have a fast metabolism.

If you have a hard time building muscle, your metabolism isn’t to blame. The reason skinny people have a harder time putting on muscle is because they aren’t eating enough protein-packed food to do so. Eat more and you will see results. It doesn’t get better than that, right?

8. You can suck out the poison from a snake bite.

Sucking out the poison of a snake bite is actually pretty dangerous. It can cause an infection in the wounded area and make things worse. Instead, you should wash the bite with soap and water, keep the bitten area lower than the heart, and seek medical attention.

9. Eating six small meals a day boosts your metabolism.

This theory states that eating six small meals per day helps keep your metabolism going throughout the whole day. Research shows that there’s technically nothing wrong with eating six smaller meals, but it also concludes that the body doesn’t react to this meal plan much differently than it does to eating three meals a day.

10. Cold air and wet hair will make you sick.

Your mom was wrong, okay? I know that’s hard for you to accept, but hanging out in the cold or going to sleep with wet hair will not give you a cold. The virus associated with the common cold is actually all around you, waiting to strike at any moment.

11. Eating certain foods will boost your metabolism.

Okay, it’s pretty obvious that none of us understand how the metabolism works. I’m sure you’ve all heard the myth that eating cinnamon, red peppers, and similar foods will boost your metabolism. That’s just not true. It might give it a temporary spike, but it won’t lead to anything permanent.

12. You need eight hours of sleep a night.

Every person needs a different amount of sleep, but researchers concluded that the average person can do just fine on five or six hours of sleep a night. And sleeping for longer than eight hours can actually do more harm than good. Just do what feels best for you!

13. Reading in dim light harms your eyes.

While reading in the dark will cause eye strain, it’s nothing serious. Almost no permanent damage can happen from reading in the dark for long periods of time.

14. Fasting slows your metabolism.

Seriously…we could have just called this piece “No One Understands Their Metabolism.” Studies show that you can go up to three days without food without damaging your metabolism. It would take nearly a week without food for your metabolism to undergo a drastic change.

15. Peeing on a jellyfish sting makes it feel better.

In lab tests, urine actually makes the pain of a jellyfish sting even worse. Basically, no good can come from enduring a sting and having your buddy pee on you.

16. Gaining muscle boosts your metabolism.

Gaining muscle doesn’t boost your metabolism that much, so if you are picking up the weights for that reason alone, I’m sorry. If anything, building a pound of muscle will help you burn about five more calories.

(via Fit Mole / Life Hacker)

Now that we all know better, let’s make our bodies the best they can possibly be. Let’s live long and healthy lives. After all, you only get one body. Be nice to it.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/body-myth/

17 Times Fitspiration Was Wrong, So We Fixed It

17 Times Fitspiration Was Wrong, So We Fixed It

Fitspo, fixed. Inspired by this post and this Tumblr.

1. That time fitspo made you think that you only had two choices.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

2. That time fitspo made you think that the only legit or meaningful workouts take an HOUR of your time.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

You don’t need to spend an hour working out to see health benefits from fitness! Check out these nine quick total-body workouts for some examples of how to fit workouts into a busy schedule. High-intensity circuit training, people! It’s a thing!

3. That time fitspo said that you can turn into someone else entirely.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

People are all different, bodies are all different!

4. That time fitspo told you not to listen to your body.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Eat when you’re hungry.

5. That time fitspo suggested that cellulite is something you can just get rid of with some leg exercises.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

PSA: Skinny people get cellulite too.

6. That time fitspo told you to compare yourself to someone else.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Fitspo doesn’t know your life!

7. That time fitspo made you think that “rules” are anything more than just suggestions.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

8. That time fitspo implied that you will transform into a nearly naked chick in one year’s time.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Lingerie not included!

9. That time fitspo made you feel bad about your food choices.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Eat that cupcake if you fucking want to, girl.

10. That time fitspo suggested that you need to physically burn off every single calorie you consume.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Healthy eating isn’t just about counting calories.

(Side note: What kind of monster only eats one Oreo?)

11. That time fitspo made you think that fitness is about accomplishing a specific goal at the expense of everything else.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Fitness has different meanings for different people. Living a fitter, healthier lifestyle and occasionally skipping workouts are not mutually exclusive! Do what you need to do.

12. That time fitspo forgot about torn ligaments, pulled muscles, broken bones…and rest days.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Also worth noting here that rest days are an important part of the process, and you really should not work out every single day. Your body sometimes needs time to heal.

13. That time fitspo suggested that one body type is more attractive than another.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

14. That time fitspo was like, hey, here’s something we made up for you to hate about yourself!

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Also, FYI: Spot-targeted weight loss is not a thing. So you can’t tone your “saddlebags” away, whether you take offense to the term “saddlebags” or not.

15. That time fitspo made you think that a juice cleanse was a great way to lose weight.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

For the truth, read Here Is What A Juice Cleanse Does To Your Body. (Hint: Not long-lasting weight loss, that’s for damn sure.)

16. That time fitspo made you think that losing X amount of weight in Y amount of time was a) realistic, and b) a goal worth fighting for.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

For more about this, see 9 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In Less Than A Week — Or Faster!

17. That time fitspo confused weight loss with fitness.

Carolyn Kylstra for BuzzFeed / Via pinterest.com

Fitness is for everyone.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolynkylstra/fixed-that-fitspo-for-ya

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