16 Struggles People With Food Allergies Will Understand

Nope, I can’t even have a “little bit.”

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

1. First and foremost, you were trained to ALWAYS have an EpiPen at the ready…

“Allergy alert! Do not feed!”

2. …And to keep plenty of Benadryl nearby for a backup.

Savior in a bottle!

3. When you were in school, you were never able to trade lunch with your friends.

Travel Channel / Via wehavethemunchies.tumblr.com

Unless you wanted to die.

4. Which sucked since you had to bring the same brown bag lunch every day filled with “safe” food.


Great. Soy milk…again.

5. You wanted to try the hot lunch at least once, even though you knew it would kill you.

Universal / Via movieclips.com

No food is worth dying for…right?

6. And you stood by in horror as your mom explained your allergies to every teacher in front of the entire class.

7. She even forbade you from having snacks at your friend’s house.

Paramount / Via cherylspizza.tumblr.com

You never know what’s in anything, right?

8. …Let alone cake at their birthday parties.


Happy birthday to you, happy deathday to me!

9. On Halloween, you were only able to eat ¼ of your haul, which usually consisted of the worst candy.

Enough with the candy corn already.

10. And you were all too familiar with the occasional trip to the emergency room.


Coming through, someone ate something they weren’t supposed to!

11. Hundreds of hours were lost at the grocery store carefully reading every single ingredient on labels.

But will it kill me?

12. You’ve made enemies with many servers in your lifetime because of the number of times you’ve had to send food back.

I didn’t order a side of death.

13. And you realized basically no restaurant knew how to cater to food allergies.


14. You can’t even count the number of times someone suggested you should “just try a little” of some food that would kill you.

Paramount / Via elitedaily.com

15. You’ve had to explain so many times that you’re not on some fad diet, you just literally cannot eat certain things.

16. And to this day you constantly have to reassure your parents you’re capable of handling your allergy.

I haven’t died yet, guys.

But rest assured that the world is slowly coming to its senses and finding ways to help you, instead of trying to kill you.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/crystalro/struggles-of-having-a-food-allergy

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