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23 Different Types of Diet-Which One to Choose? | Effective Weight Loss and Diet Tips

23 Different Types of Diet-Which One to Choose?

boosting your metabolism

Please promise me after you finish reading this collective guide for all different types of diet plans, you reach out to me by clicking on the Contact Us and send me your feedback on the following 

1) Do you feel that there is a diet from the list below you really like, you feel comfortable going through it

2) Do you feel comfortable ignoring all these listed below diet plans and to try  diet pills

There are many ways of losing weight and so many types of diets that we are sometimes getting confused which one to choose. The question arises: Which one will really work for me? This description of 23 different types will make your decision easier.

3-Hour Diet

The point of 3-hour diet is in eating small portions of food every three hours. This will balance your metabolism and accelerate the fat burning . There is no limitation, fried chicken or pastry is also allowed. Just be moderate in your portions.

Atkins Diet

With the Atkins diet it is very important that we stay away from food with high carbohydrate content. We must avoid meals that contain flour and sugar. A diet low in carbohydrates is maintaining proper blood sugar levels while allowing the body to burn more fat.

Best Life Diet

Sometimes we get to the point in our lives when nothing else helps within our diet therefore the best way of loosing weight is to change our habits and our overall lifestyle – that’s the way we live, eat and workout. We need to identify where the reason is that we are in such a bad shape. This kind of behavior will change us physically and emotionally and will last for a lifetime.

Blood Type Diet

Blood type diet suggests meals according to the persons blood type. There are four different blood types: A, B, AB and 0. Each blood type digests food proteins differently therefore Incorrect diet may slow down the metabolism and even cause certain diseises. Therefore avoiding bad proteins can help you stay in good shape.

Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage soup diet comes into play when we need to quickly get rid of a few extra pounds. It promotes digestion and discharge excess water from the body. After one week of dieting we can lose up to 10 pounds.

Caveman Diet (Paleo Diet)

Paleo diet is the healthiest way of eating because it is the only approach to nutrition which is in line with our genetics. It also helps us stay slim, strong and full of energy. It is based on natural, non-genetically modified foods. These include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds and healthy fats.

Fat Flush Diet

Fat flush diet means loosing weight with a limited intake of carbohydrates and food low in calories. Livers become a system for burning fat and the right mix of food on a scheduled basis will clean the liver, accelerate metabolism and cause your body to burn fat faster.

French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

French women don’t get fat diet is based upon the belief that French women do not deny food and count calories, but nevertheless they are not overweight. Diet recommends high-quality food and reasonable portions.

Glycemic Index Diet

GI stands for Glycemic index, which represents the rate at which your body absorbs food and converts it into sugar.The lower the GI, the more food you can eat! For this type of diet you do not need a special perseverance, because of its golden rule, you should never starve and deny yourself of food. Foods containing low GI: meat, fish, eggs, olive oil, butter, cheese, spices, tea, low-calorie carbonated beverages

Grapefruit Diet

Experts have discovered that grapefruit has a low Glycemic value, that’s why it is becoming increasingly popular in weight loss. It is also known as an effective “fat burner” in the body. Just half of the grapefruit after the meal costs an average loss of 1.6 kg per week. Grapefruit decreases the level of insulin in our blood which stimulates fat burning.

The Hormone Diet

Hormone diet begins with the diagnosis of hormones from the saliva. The hormonal balance depends on whether you can lose weight and keep it that way. In the hormonal balance lies the secret to long term weight loss.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig diet is a three-step program for weight loss, which is adjusted to each individual. It is focused on food, body and mind. The program aims to discourage people from pre-prepared meals and encourage them to take on a healthy diet.

Macrobiotic Diet

It derives from Buddhism and is intended as a life transformation. Micro-biotic word means long life. The diet is mainly vegetarian and focuses on natural, organic food.

Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet is a purifying diet which lasts from 3-10 days. It is divided into 3 phases: Ease-In, The Lemonade Diet and Ease Out.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on a healthy lifestyle by preparing simple fresh food and exercise. It includes vegetables and legumes, fresh fruit, olive oil, moderate amounts of fish, poultry and red wine. All this contributes to healthy weight loss.

New Beverly Hills Diet

The New Beverly Hills Diet is an updated version of the original from 1981. The diet is based on eating the right foods at the right time and pays special attention to food that we should eat together.

Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem Diet is a 28 day diet meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert) delivered to your home. The menus are prepared with less carbohydrates, lots of fiber and lean protein. Daily calories are limited to 1200 for women and 1500 for men.

Shangri-La Diet

The simple rule of Shangri-La diet is to take 1-3 spoons of extra light olive oil and 1-2 spoons of sugar water twice a day between meals. This procedure is intended to teach the body to connect flavourful food with calories. With the consumption of olive oil and sweetened water which has a few calories and little taste your body will learn to stop connecting taste with calories and will consequently want less food.

Skinny Bitch Diet

The Skinny Bitch Diet means to be thin in a healthy way and requires a complete makeover to the vegan diet. It is allowed to eat fruit while on this diet. You can also enjoy vegetables, soy, nuts, legumes, and green tea. The idea is to eat what is good for you.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was designed by Florida doctor and dietitian to help people reduce the risk of a heart disease. By definition, this diet tells you to replace bad carbohydrates with good carbohydrates and bad fats with good fats.

Volumetrics Diet

The Volumetrics Diet is a method which tries to convince people to stop the eternal diets and focus on a healthy lifestyle with less calorie healthy diet and regular workout. This diet includes foods with a lot of water and fiber which gives a feeling of a full stomach.

Weight Watchers Diet

With this diet you can lose up to one kilo a week without compromising your health. The diet is based on points which are given for each type of food and each physical activity. You need 18 to 37 points (depending on current weight) per day to lose a kilogram each week.

The Zone Diet

Food can affect the hormonal response of the body and cause changes in the production of insulin. In order to establish hormone balance The Zone Diet recommends the intake of food into the body in a ratio of 30% protein – 30% fats – 40% carbohydrates.

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