4 Worst Foods for Women

importance of eating all high calories foods but with little portions

Not all calories which exist in food are the same, there are calories which exist in fresh foods like fruits, proteins and veggies, when it comes to doing the grocery shopping we have know which foods we should not buy. That’s why few dietitians and nutritionists provided us with which foods they believe are really worst for women to eat and here is the list

1) Dairy

This is one of the items nutritionists recommend to stop eating as being a very common food allergy; dairy products leave acidic remains in your body which can weaken your bones, so if you are looking for the calcium you can get it from plant foods instead, we all know that it is not easy to say cut diary products as this means we have to stop drinking milk, cheese and yoghurt but at least watch out your portions

2) Refined Carbs

Refined carbs defined as plants based foods that have its whole grain extracted during its processing this removes much of the food’s nutritional value, example of refined carbs is steamed white rice, refined pasta and refined cereals.

3) Foods with hidden sugars

There is lot of foods with added sugar, try to avoid them and choose whole grain bread, drinks sweetened with natural sugars are OK like 100% fresh juice, remember hidden sugar can be in refined bread products and gravies.

4) Foods with artificial additives

There are foods with artificial additives that act as a pollution to your body, when we eat whole foods, they immediately go to work in your body, and they either perform function or become part of your tissues’ structures, from your bones, muscles to your skin and immune cells.

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