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7 Tips How to Burn Stomach Fat Fast in a Week | Effective Weight Loss and Diet Tips

7 Tips on How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast in a Week

7 Tips on How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast in a Week

With the growing technology, the physical work has become limited. Now, people sit on a seat in front of a laptop or PC, for whole day long. After reaching home they get so much exhausted that they do not get time to do physical exercises. As a result, a lot of flesh accumulates around the stomach part, which makes the body look ugly.

Either going for a party or dressed up for a weekend, the one thing which destroys the overall look is belly fat. They spoil the appearance of a classy dress and the person trying to fit inside. If you have a desire to reduce the belly fat and do not compromise with the loose, baggy dresses, find out 7 tips below that can help you lose stomach fat and don a sassy and sexy dress this weekend leaving others in shock:

  1. Say No To Salt

If you love salt and can’t eat your food without adding extra salt to it, this is going to be difficult for you. But to lose belly fat, you can compromise with salt. Due to intake of salt, your body retains fluid temporarily, thus leaving you with a chubby look. Avoid salt and over processed food. Do not eat frozen food as they contain sodium.

To get a perfect body, eat a turkey sandwich without spices and salad with chicken for a week at lunch. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables that are convoluted with water. For dinner, eat fresh herbs. This diet will help you lose stomach fat and look sexy with the glowing skin.

  1. Cut Off Junk Food From The Diet

Who does not like pasta and bagels? Instead of eating these food materials, cut off them from the diet. If you decrease the intake of them, your body will utilize the extra carbohydrates present in the body which is called glycogen with the reduction of excessive fluid stored in the body.

To reduce the belly fat, have eggs with one slice of bread and a lot of protein rich food that are seeds, low-fat string cheese, nuts and turkey slices this week.

  1. Reduce The Consumption Of Starch

If your belly becomes swollen because of the excessive consumption of starch, you must stop the intake of food material which causes this. The food material that causes gas is pasta, wheat, corn and potato. Eliminate them from your diet. If you still want to have starch, you can eat half cup of brown rice in dinner as it does not produce gas.

  1. Do Not Milk It

Have you ever felt bloated or gassy after the consumption of dairy products? This happens because your body cannot digest lactose. Your body lacks the ability to digest and break down the sugar present in the milk, due to this the issues such as diarrhea, bloating, gas and cramping occurs. If you cannot eliminate the dairy products from your meal, try yogurt, hard cheese, and almond or rice milk. Also, you can include soy milk in your diet, but beware some people face the same problem with soybeans also.

  1. Restrict Spices In The Diet

If you like to add spice to your food and cannot live without barbecue sauce, Tabasco and garlic, do not look at them for a week. Due to the intake of spicy food, the secretion of acid in the stomach increases thus, creating irritation. Give your dishes a flavor of herbs such as tarragon, mint, basil, dill, rosemary and sage.

To add spice to the food, you can use lemon juice, which is perfect for chicken and fish. Lock all the spices like horseradish, vinegar, tomato sauce, catsup, mustard, onion, chili powder, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper and throw the key far from your place for one week.

  1. Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of alcohol can cause dehydration in the body. It is the main source of flesh on the stomach. Alcohol slower downs the ability of the body to remove the excessive waste from the body. Instead of imbibing alcohol, drink a lot of water that can prevent you from the swelling caused due to highly acidic beverages.

  1. Physical Activities

Everybody knows that physical exercises can help you get a perfect body shape. If you go to a gym regularly, you would never face a problem related to the accumulation of extra fat around the stomach area. In case, you do not have time to go to the gym, try to do some physical activities of your own. As you do exercise, the heart rate increases, which results in contraction of intestine muscles. Due to this, the occurrence of gas or constipation reduces and leads to a better digestive system.

Maximum time the belly looks fat, just because of gas and bloating. In order to avoid these problems, go for a short walk after having food and if your office is nearby your house, instead of car, use bicycle to reach office. If you are a housewife, you can use cycling to reach the vegetable store to buy fresh herbs and maintain your body.


Reducing the fat that has been accumulating over the stomach area from the past years in one week is really a short duration of time. But, everything is possible if you have the zeal to do it. Always eat healthy food. Fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits can help you in reducing belly fat. They should never be eliminated from the diet. Not only they help in reducing belly fat, but the water content present in the food material helps the skin vitalize and leads to a glowing skin.

Excessive fat not only distort your body shape, but it is also harmful for the health. Due to excessive fat, people start getting older; they lose the capacity to perform physical tasks, thus losing their confidence. Instead of losing confidence, try a new diet chart and follow it for one week. After one week you would become addicted to it, because of your desires of having a disease free body.

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