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I’ve Seen A Lot Of ‘Before And After’ Stories. But This One Left Me Speechless With Goosebumps.

Jordan Grahm wasn’t always a personal trainer, focused on bettering his own life and the lives of others. No, he started as an overweight, unhealthy individual that was plagued by depression. It took him a decade, but he finally realized

This Is What Berries Actually Look Like

Avocados, pumpkins, watermelons: all berries.1. Hello. Do you know what a berry is?View this image ›indiaopines.com2. Are you sure?View this image ›derpibooru.org3. Because I bet you think these are berries.View this image ›Blueenayim / Getty Images4. And I bet you

How Much Do You Love Potatoes?

What kinda spud U like?View this image ›Eelnosiva / Getty ImagesTick the potato dishes you’ve tried to see if your commitment to the spud is true. 1 Chips. 2 Peeled and boiled white potatoes. 3 New potatoes. 4 Creamy mash.

These 21 Bento Box-Inspired Meals Are Almost Too Cute To Eat. I Want Them All.

We know we’re not supposed to play with our food, but how can we resist when it’s this cute?? The Japanese art of aesthetically pleasing meals, usually packed in an equally charming bento box, has spread across the globe and created pretty much

19 Surprisingly Delicious Meals You Can Make With Tuyo

When it comes to tuyo — or dried fish from the Philippines — there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like it, and those who’ve yet to taste it.View this image ›Matt Ortile / Via BuzzFeed1.

16 Crazy Myths That People Believe About Their Own Bodies

The human body is an amazing thing. It can fight off diseases, digest food, and regulate all of your bodily functions automatically.But there are things that hundreds of people believe about the human body that aren’t true at all. In

Here’s How To Eat Healthy Even While Traveling

With help from this Quora thread.1. If you know you’re not going to use the mini-bar in your room, ask the hotel to empty it out.20th Century FoxJust call ahead and let them know. Then use it as a fridge

Every time you get told by a vegan that your diet is wrong because they are high and mighty, you show them this

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She Was Mocked By A Gym Employee. Her Revenge? Losing 200lbs.

Kathleen Riser, a retired teacher, was overweight. She struggled with it daily until she finally got the courage to go to the gym. Once she was there, she lived the personal nightmare of millions of Americans.What happened? Not long into

Not the diet I was looking for

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