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Weight Loss and Diet Plans | Effective Weight Loss and Diet Tips - Part 2

Category Archives: Weight Loss and Diet Plans

The key to seeing weight loss results

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These People Basically Lost An Entire Human Being. The Before And After Photos Are Unreal.

Losing weight is a problem that most people face at some point in their lives. In this fast-paced, unhealthy world it’s so easy to slip and start living an unhealthy lifestyle. If you have a family, a job or other

Here Are The Healthiest Foods You Can Find At Fast Food Restaurants.

Historically, fast food restaurants have been bashed for their “unhealthy” food. While, yes, there are many unhealthy meals on fast food restaurant menus, that doesn’t mean all of them are bad. All restaurants have options that are unhealthier than others.

12 Reasons Not To Crash Diet For Your Wedding

So “HANGRY.”1. Your fiancé proposed to you as you are, and loves you as is. He or she was definitely not envisioning you 10 pounds lighter at the wedding.View this image ›Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed2. You have to buy your

25 Tricks Every Lazy Person Needs To Know

Couch Potatoes “R” Us.View this image ›ivanmateev / Getty Images / Thinkstock1. You’re going to want a drink, but you’re not going to want to get up to refill it: Here’s when having an extra large wine glass comes in

Are You Too Lazy To Be In Shape? Well Buddy, These Exercises Are For You.

Recently, there has been a push towards a healthier and more fit society. Some people have hopped on board, joined gyms, and have gotten the shredded bodies of their dreams.Some of us are less motivated. For the lazier workout fiends,

I Don’t Care What You Think About My Breakfast

I’ve spent years copying other people’s snacks and, recently, fending off unsolicited diet advice. Now I’m finally figuring out what I actually want to be eating.View this image ›Chris Ritter / BuzzFeedI made oatmeal this morning, and I can’t stop

To my friend who won’t eat any sugar due to his strict workout regiment

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The Best Drunk Foods Ever, According To Science

Because tequila will try to convince you that onion rings are a food group.1. So, you’re going to be drinking tonight. Time to plan your meals accordingly.View this image ›Bravo / Via realitytvgifs.tumblr.comBecause when drunk you is left to your

Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Supplement Contains Prozac

A supplement called OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic contains the prescription drug Prozac, according to a letter released Saturday by the FDA. The supplement’s manufacturer said that the tainted product is a counterfeit.View this image ›oxyelite-pro.comSome weight-loss supplements labeled as OxyElite