Do You Know How to Eat Well and Lose Weight

Eating balanced meals to lose weight

It is very hilarious that we still see so many of ineffective, so called fad diets that still continue to advertise for themselves in the diet industry and they are really doing good although we know for fact that they don’t work for a long term solution, so what are you supposed to follow as a diet if you want to lose weight? The answer is very simple, you have to eat better.

Yes, again you have to know that you should eat better.

Again it is very easy; we all know of course that we need to eat better, it is common sense and easy to follow, let us see now what really works.


Food is no more than a fuel to our body, it contains minerals, vitamins and also calories, you gain weight when you eat extra calories where you are not able to burn them, you have to know that not all foods are similar, some foods are better than the others but you have to eat everything, now you have to know how to eat food and still put weight loss in your favor.

Start your day with a good breakfast to eat and stop feeling hungry, having said that means you have to eat breakfast, there is no reason why you skip it, put some peanut butter on one whole wheat toast and drink a glass of orange juice or eat an egg with one banana and granola bar, the idea is to get your body ready for burning calories throughout the day.

Now your metabolism started working, boost it by eating snacks, snacks should be every two hours, it can be few nuts, some baby carrots with non-fat yogurt or a protein bar, eating snacks will reduce the feeling of being burn out.

Now on lunchtime you will not feel hungry, that is really great, continue to eat turkey breast on whole grain bread, you can add lettuce, tomato and mustard, also add a veggie salad with a small glass of juice or skim milk and that’s it.

Don’t forget your snacks every two hours.

For dinner, try baked salmon brushed with olive oil, on top squeeze a lemon, you can also add fresh veggies which can be cooked with the salmon, it is up to you and cup of home-made soup.

Snacks will help you to continue successfully with this routine, so keep doing it every two hours

As you see now, this is not something unrealistic, it is simply eating food to keep you going, actually if you agree this is tasty too, remember nothing is forbidden for you, if you crave for some ice cream you have to keep the portion very reasonable.

You will start to make a habit to increase the good foods and eat less of the bad foods and definitely you will start losing weight fast.

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