Gym Fails Are The Best Fails.

Oh the gym. Who doesn’t love being a room full of sweaty, grunting people? Not to mention the deep spiritual satisfaction that comes from picking up heavy things and then putting them back down again. Sadly, there are some who just don’t “get it.” They don’t wear giant Beats headphones, they don’t spend half their workout admiring themselves in the mirror, and they actually wipe down the machines. Who does that? I’ll tell you who, these 31 people.

1.) That has got to hurt.

2.) On some level that’s incredibly impressive.

3.) Not a care in the world.

4.) “I saw this in a movie once.”

6.) What muscle group does this work?

7.) Taking a breather…in overalls.

8.) At least his form was decent.

9.) Doesn’t even stop the interview.

10.) How is that physically possible?

11.) Gotta look good, even at the gym.

12.) Wtf?

13.) I don’t think that machine does what you think it does.

14.) All wrong.

15.) The award for best use of a smith machine goes to this guy.

16.) Run Forest run.

17.) It’s important to rest between sets.

18.) Work those triceps.

19.) Toga workout.

20.) This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

21.) Proper nutrition at Planet Fitness.

22.) I’m not saying this guy deserved it, but he probably did.

23.) Most certainly.

24.) Go man go!

25.) Not the best way to stay hydrated.

26.) What are you training for? Not sure I want to know.

27.) Activate gym powers!

28.) I am an airplane.

29.) Working those lats.

30.) This is how you end up in the emergency room.

31.) Getting ready for a night of clubbing.

(H/T: Ebaum’s World) Maybe I’ll just workout at home from now on. Don’t forget to share this post by clicking below.

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