How much is water important in your weight loss

Drink water to lose weight

Is your body keeping water and not letting it out? If yes, then most probably you are trying to get rid of extra water to get your body to its best shape, well getting rid of water from your body may seem different than what you think, if you are trying to lose fat, you have to eat less fatty foods as it makes sense but when it comes to getting rid of extra water the best solution is to drink more water, so here is why this is absolutely true.

Why your body keeps water weight?

Your body needs water to function and to be healthy, all of your body’s activities completely depend on water, if your body detected that it is not getting enough water to perform its activities, your body will think that there is a drought and it will start keeping its water and it will not release it, this happens when your body releases a hormone that prevents your kidney from filtering water, it is very similar to when we go through dry spells with a shortage in water supply so we cut back on some of the necessary usage and try to survive with less amount of water.

Do drink less water cause problems?

Dehydration is a real problem you get from not drinking enough water and this leads to many other problems, water helps in removing both solid and liquid wastes from your body, it also helps moving other things like toxins and fat out of your body, it also helps in breaking down solid materials that your body has broken down so if it is not getting enough water fecal matter will start to be backing up in your body, less water also slows down your metabolism, with enough water in your body nutrients can flow easily.

How much water do you need to drink?

You have to drink the right amount of water and never overload your body, this will not help you, it is like when the rains comes after a long dry period and the ground is solid, the ground will absorb some of it and all the extra water will run off somewhere, same thing in your body if it is unable to handle extra water it will move them to your bladder and you will end up to urinate so much as a result of drinking a lot of water.

The best portion of your to drink is between one half and two thirds of your body weight, but in ounces, so if your body is 200 pounds, then you should drink between 100 to 133 ounces of water daily, it will take you some time to getting used to this but your body is going to believe that this is enough water coming to it and there is no need to retain much.

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