How to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones in Just 3 Steps

Fat burning hormones

Your hormones can either help to increase the rate of metabolism or make your cells store excess fats. They are therefore dominant players in weight gain or weight loss. Hormones like myroxine, epinephrine (fight or flight hormone), glucagon, adiponectin, testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can significantly help to spike the rate of metabolism and help burn excess fats, and ultimately keep your weight under check. On the other hand, hormones like Ghrelin and insulin make cells store excess fats.

When you successfully reactivate the fat burning hormones and deactivate that make you store excess fats, you automatically reprogram your body to be burning the fats as soon as they accumulate, hence automatically shed off excess weight. While other methods such as injections can work, the risks involved can be disastrous. However, the best thing is that there can never lack natural, simple, safe and effective methods of doing it. With these three simple steps, be sure to activate your fat burning hormones.

1. Don’t Eat Less, Eat Smarter
Majority of the fat burning hormones can be manipulated by eating smarter not starving yourself. One such hormone is glucagon, which is secreted by the pancreas and works the exact opposite of insulin- burns the fats. The best thing is that, by eating lean proteins, natural fats and keeping away from bad carbs, you can boost the secretion of glucagon, while regulating insulin levels. When glucagon levels spike up, they help to break down the stored carbohydrates for your body to use. By eating smarter, you avoid:
– Junks and other highly processed foods.
– Highly starched vegetables.
– Alcohol and other sweetened beverages (juice included).
– Any type of sweetener, more so when in high amounts (little honey is healthy).
As ridiculous as it sounds, eating natural fats can help you burn more fat and is in fact smart eating. In addition to natural fats, consume:
– Eat healthy proteins, preferably from legumes such as beans and peas.
– Drink a mug of soya porridge in the morning.
– Eat pasta (less calories than beef and fish)
– When taking meals, let half of your plate be veggies

2. Exercise sensibly and Sleep Adequately
The role that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and epinephrine plays in speeding up the rate of metabolism can never be underestimated. The growth hormone, which is usually known as the fountain of youth hormone coaxes fats and burns them to release energy. By exercising and sleeping adequately, you can maximize the fat burning effects of HGH. The fight or flight hormone not only helps to burn fat but also helps to suppress the appetite. Its effect is maximized by interval training.

However, while you more exercise can help you sleep better, doing it excessively is detrimental. It not only releases toxins, thereby make you age faster, but can also make you strong and have injuries. Therefore, keep your exercise sensible. More exercise does not mean that you take a long, prolonged one. You can still maximize the benefits of exercising in intervals, while taking breaks between the intervals. Sleeping for not less than six hours a day will activate HGH.

3. Avoid Binge Eating, Space Your Meals
Finally, you should only eat when hungry. An ideal way of doing this is by having a tight eating schedule. Plan your meals in advance, while keeping in mind that the meal should have less carbs and more veggies, and make them three in a day. The most ideal way is by having a light breakfast, preferably soya or legumes, lunch and dinner. Spacing out your meals is quite helpful as it gives your body adequate time to burn the fats.

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