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How to Keep Your Metabolism Burning Hot | Effective Weight Loss and Diet Tips

How to Keep Your Metabolism Burning Hot

Running to burn fat

When it comes to losing weight, most women start to think for the best way to cut calories, as we all know that in order to really see a significant drop in your weight, you need to burn more calories than what you consume daily, so we all start with what we call calorie intake as most of the diet programs in the market are recommending this method as a step which is easier than exercising.

In fact, calorie cutting alone will not be enough as a solution to lose weight because one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories so to lose only one pound of fat you will need to cut 3500 calories while most of us consume calories between 1500 to 2500 daily so you will need to few days to drop one pound of fat and this is not practical way of losing weight.

Think about it this way, your body works very close like engine, so you know you always need to give it fuel to function, so if you cut back calories daily, it will not work, your body is created to keep itself alive by all means, so it will start to protect itself from what we call it starvation mode so if you cut calories aggressively your body will think that it is starving and will begin to store fat to survive so this will lead to slowing down your metabolism and it ends up not losing weight.

The right thing to do when trying to lose weight is to keep your metabolism actively burning food so you can burn calories as much as you can and to do so you need to provide your metabolism with the right amount of food.

So again cutting calories is not the right way for boosting metabolism to lose weight, if you include some sort of exercises especially lifting weights, you will boost your metabolism and that’s because muscle burns faster than fat so for every little muscle you add to your body you are boosting your metabolism.

Notice for women, don’t worry about lifting few weights, your body will not gain that ugly muscle the way you think, those women who gain muscles are working out for hours every day for long period of time, they even take some supplements to switch their bodies like body builders.

Just exercise with little weight few times a week and don’t worry, this will tone up your body to make you look tighter and slimmer, if two women both weigh 120 pounds but one of them is toned, she will look a lot slimmer than the other, also if you compare the metabolic rate for two women where one has more muscle than the other, the one with the more muscle would have a much higher metabolism.

Keep these facts in mind as an element when you consider cutting calories as it is only part of the equation, finally to really optimize your weight loss efforts you have to combine your diets with exercises, not only will you quickly reach your weight loss goals but you will also have a healthier diet and better body shape.

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