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No Tears With Metabolism Diet | Effective Weight Loss and Diet Tips

No Tears With Metabolism Diet

No more tears with metabolism diet

Linda hated the way she looked. She could not even call herself something charming like ‘plump’ or ‘full bodied.’ She did not have a muffin top. She wasn’t thick in the hips or top heavy. She was fat. Undeniably and unerringly fat. And society never missed a moment to remind her of it.

She endured the humiliation of having to buy two seats for herself when she got on a plane. She had to walk sideways and on tip toes to make it through a turn style. She had been turned away at the door of a clothing department as the manager frankly explained they had nothing in her size available. She even suffered piercing glares when she went to a buffet.

The worst part however was the stares. The looks of disgust on passerby’s faces. The badly muffled giggles of teenagers as they took pictures to share with their friends. The wide eyes. The lectures and catty phrases from friends and family over how she needed to show more restraint. Have more will power. Linda eventually started to avoid going out in public every chance she got. She took to dating online, but was sadly disappointed in how quickly the men would avoid contact after seeing her.

Linda tried every form of diet imaginable. Liquid diets. Fastings. Hollywood diets. If there was a diet or a pill out there, she tried it. However, nothing produced lasting results. Oftentimes she only ended up heavier than ever once her will power broke. She even looked into surgery. However, her insurance would not cover the procedure. And those she might have afforded wrote her request off as a ‘health risk’. She fell into a deep depression as she endured one failure after another.

One day, Linda came across literature explaining a process called the ‘Metabolism Diet.” She was very skeptical. There was no calorie counting. No cleanses. No skipped meals… even snacks were included. The recipes it came with did not look all that special. How was someone supposed to speed up their metabolism just by eating?

Having nothing to lose, she tried it out. She assumed at best she would find a few new comfort foods she could feel less guilty about. She did not even commit to following the diet completely to the letter.

It was not a difficult diet to work with, so she kept at it without much thought.

Within a few weeks, she noticed that she had more energy, and that she had fewer cravings. But what really caught her attention was how some of her clothes had started to feel loose. When she went to check her weight, she found that she had already lost ten pounds with no effort at all!

With this accidental success she started into the take the process more seriously. As time went on she continued to lose weight. Within six months she was a whole new person. All by changing the food she ate, no starving or pills required.

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