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10 Things You Do Every Day That Are Damaging To Your Body.

Most people don’t try to do anything that’s bad for their health. But sometimes, you go about your day, not really thinking about anything and then BAM! You feel a little sick, you fall down, you get a headache, or

16 Crazy Myths That People Believe About Their Own Bodies

The human body is an amazing thing. It can fight off diseases, digest food, and regulate all of your bodily functions automatically.But there are things that hundreds of people believe about the human body that aren’t true at all. In

9 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In Less Than A Week — Or Faster

Grab the hacksaw! View this image ›george tsartsianidis / Getty Images/iStockphoto1. Cut off your left arm, and donate your liver. Here’s the thinking: Your liver is roughly 3.2 pounds (source), and one arm is about 5.335% of your total body