The SmartPlate Measures the Nutritional Value of Your Food

Smart Plate to counting foods calories

The calorie counting apps are usually based on guess works when it comes to calculating the amount of food you eat. You will get to understand better if you have ever used apps like MyFitnessPall or Lose It used for tracking calories.

The good news is that a health food startup that is not yet popular really want to change all these guessworks associated with calorie counting apps. The new Kickstarter project from Fitly will be counting on its SmartPlate technology. The name of the plate says a lot about it. The plate uses weight sensors in addition to three cameras in order to analyze the food that is placed in it. The SmartPlate will then log on to the partner smart phones application.

Taking a closer look at SmartPlate, it is divided into three food areas. Each of the areas has its own weight sensor and camera. The SmartPlate scans foods placed in each of the three areas. The result of the scan will then be sent to the cloud and contrasted with a database of foods numbering more than eight thousand.

Your food will  be grouped into carbohydrate, calories, proteins, fat and sodium with the help of SmartPlate’s partner application. The firm further asserts that SmartPlate will link up with fitness trackers and other nutrition applications.

The SmartPlate has some limitations, for instance, starters should not even consider putting it in a microwave. This is because putting a metal in microwaves is simply a bad idea. In  order to tackle this problem, the SmartPlate is designed with a microwaveable cover that can be used to heat food before putting it in a plate.

Another lingering issue of SmartPlate is more theoretical: the Verge noted that auto calorie numbering is old fashioned because it’s not very scientific. Weight Watchers have long stopped the practice.

Another important fact to mention is that all foods—both those that are good and those that are terrible—contain calories. It is not really about the amount of calories you take that matters but the type. For instance, 200 calories of protein is more preferable for you than over 200 calories of sugar and still, after all that you’re not considering exercise or general dietary habit. When said another way, calories don’t exist in a vacuum.

As a result of this, both sport personalities (athletes) and fitness specialists now concentrate on calculating macro nutrient (carbs, fat, protein), which in the right extents can help you feel full while you continue to shed off pounds through exercise. Furthermore, this is why the SmatPlate could be truly valuable, as it does track macro nutrient.

Notwithstanding, the SmartPlate is still far away from being freely accessible, with a release date as of now set for quite a while in summer 2016. It additionally needs to finish its funding objective of $100,000. (It’s right now at $17,000 with 45 days to go). Until that happens, we’ll simply need to continue reading nutrition names and keep using the same old foods numbering applications.

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