These 11 Famous Works Of Art Have Finally Been Recreated With Food.

Making food is an artistic experience. It requires skill, precision, and a steady hand. Making art takes the same skills. Today we will combine these two artistic experiences so you can take a bite out of your favorite works of art! Bon Appetite!

A well balanced diet.

This painting is spicy!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for SUSHI!

Now we know why she was smiling, it’s because she was delicious.

Bananas were probably the Forbidden Fruit, it all makes sense now.

This guy has a healthy look.

Looks like they got their fill of veggies at The Last Supper.

I always thought this painting was delicious, but now even more so.

This guy needs a regular fork, not just a pitchfork.

The Anatomy of Hunger.

Yes We Pan…cake!

Wow, I need to go to a museum… and get lunch. Maybe I’ll go to the museum during my lunch break. Yea, that’s it! If you want to meet me there, share this post and let’s get a party going!

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