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Where to buy magic jack

Where to Buy Magic Jack Plus

Everyone is asking where to buy Magic Jack and before answering this question, we would like to mention that we mean here Magic Jack Plus, the new product from Magic Jack company where you do not need to connect your Magic Jack Plus to a computer, it is just a small device where you can connect it directly to the internet cable to your modem device, exactly like NetTalk Duo and enjoy your unlimited calls to US and Canada with no monthly charges and no  hidden fees

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Does Magicjack Plus Have Any Hidden Fees?

Magic Jack Plus has no hidden cost, but what you should know that if you want to get any number with your preferable area code then you have to pay extra 10$ and when you first register your Magic Jack Plus you pay 20$ charges and so your annual renewal will be 30$ (10$ for your chosen area code number + 20$ for the renewal).

Good Things You Should Know Before Asking Where to Buy MagicJack Plus

Think about how much you are going to save for your home phone bill, actually you will not pay either any monthly phone bill or any hidden charges, I will repeat it again there is no hidden charges, this device is VOIP and so the actual cost will be only around 70$ which is a one time fee to buy the Magic Jack Plus and then 10$ for the annual subscription or renewal in other words.

Amazon is best site to buy Magic Jack Plus from, actually it is the best recommended place to look for new and used devices

With Magic Jack Plus you will get all these features.

  • Fast installation – It is a plug and play, just activate Magic Jack Plus then you are ready to get and make calls to US and Canada.
  • Inexpensive –  Magic Jack Plus price is $70, and you pay $10 for each year.
  • Router friendly – Magic Jack Plus can be connected easily to your modem and you do not need a PC.
  • Compact size – Magic Jack Plus is a little bit bigger than a match box.
  • No contracts or monthly bills – When you pay for the unit, you get the first year included in your package, you can decide if you want to renew after a year.
  • Easy access to voice mail – You can have your voice messages sent to your email in .wav files format. So you can easily listen to your voice messages on any smartphones.

Also the good news for those who already have the old Magic Jack, you do not need to change your number as you upgrade the device only and this is good for someone who wants to buy the new Magic Jack Plus

Price Comparison on Where to Buy Magic Jack Plus



used from: $62.69

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Product prices and availability are accurate as of Mar 1 16:26:23 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Negative Feedback to Know for Those Who Asked Where to Buy Magic Jack Plus

Also we have to mention all the negative feedback about those who complained about few things within the Magic Jack Plus, first most of the feedback are positive ones ranging from 4 to 5 stars but the negative ones we found them not common between customers as every one has different issue or concern, let us start with the first customer who complained about a mentioned bug that requires you to fix it by connecting the Magic Jack device to your PC in order to delete the driver..well it is not clear exactly what this customer had with the device, we recommend you to go to Amazon reviews to read it by yourself.

There is another customer who complained that it is not easy to port your number (move your old Magic Jack number) to the new Magic Jack Plus, the complain is about not being able to find customer support phone number and he was able to get a help from a third party forum, he also mentions that Magic Jack Plus does not port your old number and so you have to do it through a third party website to port your number to them and then transfer it to the new Magic Jack Plus.

Buy Now MagicJack Plus

Consider also reading this new post completing all topics about where to buy Magic Jack Plus

Voip Devices

Rating108 Reviews163 Reviews1,895 Review63 Reviews26 Reviews
AvailabilityUsually ships in 1-2 business daysUsually ships in 24 hoursUsually ships in 24 hours
Product SummaryNetTalkmagicJackOOMB9oomaGrandstream
Product SummaryThe NetTalk DUO VOIP Device is a sleek and small VOIP telephone device that connects directly to your router or computer, creating a fax-friendly phone line with free calling features such as call waiting, conference calling, Enhanced 911, 411 directory assistance, visual voicemail (voicemail sent to your e-mail), and a videophone application.magicJackTM Plus can be used with or without a computer - it’s the customer’s choice. Each magicJackTM Plus comes with an Ethernet (internet) cable and a Power Adapter. You can, of course, still directly plug the magicJackTM Plus into a computer’s USB port. A USB extension cord is included with each magicJackTM Plus. This option is especially useful or individuals who travel with their magicJackTM Plus. In addition to offering free local and long distance phone service throughout the United States and Canada (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) that will stay on at all times, customer’s existing phone numbers can now be transferred or “ported” to their magicJackTM Plus. Please note that there is a $19.95 charge to transfer/port a phone number and it’s $9.95 per year thereafter. Porting is only available in the U.S. only for now. Of course, each magicJackTM Plus includes a free new phone number so customers who do not wish to transfer or port their existing phone number may select a new one. magicJackTM Plus, like magicJackTM, includes free: Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Directory Assistance and emergency 911service.Free home phone service with Ooma; Free calling in the U.S. to any phone number; caller-ID, call-waiting and 911 included; No computer or headset required; Option to keep your existing phone number; Low-cost international rates starting at pennies per minuteGrandstream's HandyTone 286 is a next generation, cost effective solution for consumers looking to transition from traditional analog telephone devices to the savings and benefits of an IP telephony network. The product interfaces legacy analog telephones, fax machines, analog conference telephones and other analog devices to IP based telephony networks. The HandyTone286 is an entry level Voice-over-IP device supporting one telephone number and one RJ-45 interface 10/100 mbps Ethernet network. » Interoperable with leading 3rd party VoIP providers » Plug-and-dial » Compatible with most service providers » Compact and light weight
Free ShippingEligibleEligible
Feature0Plug the Ethernet Cord into magicJackTM Plus. Plug the other end of the Ethernet Cord into a modem or router.Revolutionary device that gives you free calls within U.S. and low rates for international calls
Feature1Connect the Power Adapter to the USB stick of the magicJackTM Plus and plug the Power Adapter into the wall.Works with any corded or cordless phone; easy installation with no computer required. Not compatible with Ooma Scout.
Feature2Plug any regular or cordless phone into the magicJackTM PlusIncludes caller-ID, call-waiting, 911, and many other calling features
Feature3MagicJackTM Plus will install in approximately 60 seconds and stay on at all times.Includes 60-day free trial of Ooma Premier -- a suite of enhanced calling services features
Feature4Includes everything needed for installation; backed by 30-day money-back guarantee and extendable 1-year warranty
Warranty1 Year Parts and Labor

Finally Amazon is the best recommended place for people asking where to buy Magic Jack.

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